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Realizing the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of God.
Rooted in Christ
There is a cost to love.

Love on Display

February 23, 2024
The brilliant sun of God’s love rises against the pitch black of His just wrath that engulfs us as sinners.

Love One Another

February 16, 2024
A loveless believer is an oxymoron, like dehydrated water.
As believers, we not only belong to God; we are of God, born again of the Spirit.

Test the Spirits

February 2, 2024
John is particularly concerned that we be guarded from false teaching about Jesus.
The gospel requires a response.

Heart Dis-ease

January 19, 2024
Assurance of salvation proceeds from authenticity of regeneration.

Love Indeed

January 12, 2024
Love indeed is love in deed.
John frames his observation in terms of not being surprised at the hate we encounter.
“What is your best advice for raising children?"

Love Letter

December 29, 2023
John’s first epistle is indeed a love letter.
The Judge of all the earth calls you to rise.


December 22, 2023
If sinlessness is a hallmark of assurance of salvation, then it is self-evident we fail the test.

John the Witness

December 18, 2023
While the other three Gospels call this forerunner John “the Baptist” (e.g., Matt. 3:1; Mark 6:14; Luke 7:20), John the gospel writer never does.
How do we know those who are children of God and those who are of their father, the devil?

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