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Realizing the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of God.
Rooted in Christ
Forgiveness is not a period; it is an ellipsis.
What does it mean to say someone is in our thoughts and prayers?
Proverbs of the New Testament?
Idolatry has everything to do with what John has written.
What is truth?
John answers our sin with the advocacy of Christ.
It’s hard to imagine God telling us not to pray about something.
Sometimes we can treat Jesus like a genie at our disposal.
How can we know that we have eternal life?
John wants us to know that Jesus is God’s exclusive provision for life.
Nothing could have more serious ramifications than denying Jesus as the Savior and Lord.
Who does belong to the kingdom of God?
God’s handiwork of grace in our lives is transformative.
Sometimes we bristle at loving those who hate us and who are opposed to everything we believe in.
What does love have to with judgment?

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