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Rooted in Christ
True worshipers and true worship
Christ is ultimately the answer to Jehoshaphat’s prayer.

Home Stretch

October 25, 2019
Retirement is not about how you fill your time but how you use it.
The Christian race is run from two vantage points.
Forgiving someone who has wronged us involves dying to self.
A church moves forward on its knees.
But the most natural way to expose sin is by knowing God.
The blessing we receive is not only a crop to be enjoyed; it carries seed to be sown.
The same pastoral epistles that call us to the goal of godliness also yoke us to the grace of God.
Sometimes we hear that we will understand it all once we get to heaven.
The importance of creeds in the life of the church
Does the Apostles’ Creed address the social issues of our day?
Reaching to unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God
Will the real Christianity please stand up?
The church is God’s incubator for making disciples.

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