Realizing the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of God.
Rooted in Christ
Trials are bearers of gifts.
In Christ we find our sufficiency to handle whatever situation or whatever state we find ourselves.
James describes how Satan lures us to ruin in our handling trials.
How many times have you heard a pastor or leader invite you in to a service of worship with the words, “Leave all your cares at the door”?
By their very nature, trials can seem like scams.
My wife and I are taking care of our daughter’s dachshund while she is at the beach for a week with her family.
Faith invests in the trials God brings to us.
James is urging us to faith in God, believing that He intends our good.
Money can be a problem for both rich and poor.
To have faith does not mean that we never doubt.
When we ask for wisdom, what might we say?
Wisdom positions us with our God.
Wisdom is skill in living biblically.
Wisdom is necessary to handle trials.
How many of us have wanted to question God, or at least be made privy to the whys and what fors of what happens in life?

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