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Realizing the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of God.
Rooted in Christ

Life and Light

October 13, 2023
Love for light and its children are symptoms of salvation.
John speaks to love of a brother as simultaneously old and new.
If love were a baby in the womb what would it look like at maturity?

Knowing Jesus

September 22, 2023
How do we know that we know Jesus?

Confessing Christ

September 15, 2023
When we sin, our relationship with God is not broken.
Sandwiched between his twice-stated indictment of sin is the meat of the gospel of grace.
Being in the light and of the Light carries with it a conviction of sin.

God is Light

August 25, 2023
What does it mean for God to be light?
What does it mean to have eternal life?
Words like manifest, testify, bear witness, declare, proclaim are all descriptive of how the message of life in Christ becomes known.
Flesh speaks to Christ’s real and discernible humanity.
To what does John point us to assure that we indeed possess life in Christ?
For Job, the process of grieving begins with acceptance, not by way of resigning himself to fate but by faith that knows and trusts the God he revered.
Job wrestles with the why of it all, not as an expression of unbelief but as an expression of faith.
The book of Job does not primarily present us with a theology of suffering as it does theology proper.

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