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Realizing the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of God.
The Scriptorium


November 2, 2016
Great start, not a great ending.
Judah's good kings did what was right.
Judah's heart beat with God's at first.

Dead End

October 30, 2016
The tragic story concludes.


October 29, 2016
Micah reveals God's plan for restoration.


October 28, 2016
In Amos we see the scope of God's covenant.


October 27, 2016
We witness by our lives and our words.
The nations are not outside the reach of God's covenant.


October 25, 2016
Elisha reveals the heart of God toward the nations.


October 24, 2016
Elijah set the tone and pace for all the prophets of Israel.

Legacy Lost

October 23, 2016
Two kings, two botched opportunities.
Too late for Israel, but not for Solomon.
The high water mark of Israel's kingdom.
Solomon comes to the throne, and to wisdom.

A King's Legacy

October 19, 2016
David set Solomon up for success.

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