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Realizing the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of God.
"The story of humans' sense of self is...the story of failed, debunked versions of The Sentence."

Pray for Egypt

February 10, 2011
It is not too late to begin praying for Egypt.
There is some good news to report from the arena of public education.
Readers of this column will recall that, back in mid-November, we lamented the sorry state of reading among the followers of Christ and opined that something like a Christian Literacy Campaign would seem to be in order. I'm pleased to announce that this project is now under way. And not…
I see no reason not to take the President at his word.
Come September - at the latest - Hosni Mubarak will no longer be President of Egypt.
Human beings may not be the only creatures which demonstrate an awareness of right and wrong.
Everything about our current cultural consensus encourages involvement with pornography.
Essentially, the President was looking for votes to buy for his re-election in 2012.

More Science?

January 23, 2011
More science - yeah, that ought to do it.
Smithsonian Secretary Wayne Clough has been taking some heat of late for his decision to remove a four-minute video from an exhibition. The video, which featured ants crawling over a crucified Christ, was deemed offensive by Catholic and other groups, as well as several members of Congress. It's doubtful the…
Different psychological methods are about equally effective in helping patients feel better.

Live Forever?

January 13, 2011
Can the Internet grant us immortality?
Americans support a huge and cumbersome system of public schools.

Not Surprised

January 9, 2011
The events of last Saturday in Tucson are disturbing and sad, but they are not surprising.

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