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Realizing the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of God.

Let the Sun Shine

November 29, -0001
The Obama Administration has rejected a call from C-Span to follow through with an oft-repeated campaign promise, namely, to allow C-Span to televise hearings and deliberations relative to health care reform legislation. Mr. Obama didn't just make this promise once. Insisting that his would be the most transparent administration in…

A Watershed Year

November 29, -0001
2010 promises to be a wathershed year for America. By this time next year we will have a much better picture of the kind of nation America will be. We are presently on a course of

The Esteem of the Church

November 29, -0001
Esteem of the Church in the secular world has slipped to an all-time low. That, at least, is the impression one gets reading William H. McNeill's contribution to a special issue of The Hedgehog Review devoted to the emerging cosmoplitanism. In the face of a worldwide movement to create a…

The Long View

November 29, -0001
America's political leaders are making decisions today that will affect the nation's future for the next generation. Increased government involvement in the economy, policy decisions affecting the environment, the growing sense that our war with Islamic terror will continue indefinitely, and dramatic overhauls in education assessment are just some of…

"The Art of Compromise"

November 29, -0001
The immorality of the pending health care legislation is slowly coming to light. Senator Harry Reid of Nevada today extolled the Democrats' victory and explained all the horse-trading and deal-making as "the art of compromise." He said that any Senator who didn't practice this was not a very good Senator.…

The Gamble

November 29, -0001
Senate Democrats are now poised to pass major health care legislation - not reform legislation, just legislation. The votes are now in place, and, because the Senate version is such a squeak-through, it will probably trump the House version and be the final bill, or close to it. The Democrats…

The Politics of Outrage

November 29, -0001
A Rasmussen poll indicates that while 35% of Americans favor the Democratic Party, and 28% the Republicans, 41% of Americans identify with the Tea Party Movement. Is this a good thing? What do the Tea Party folks want? We know what they're against, and we know they're very, very upset,…

More Evil

November 29, -0001
Americans, it seems, have lost the ability to be motivated in their actions by anything other than the love of money. Everything Congress or the President proposes is couched in terms of economics. Citizens of Thomson, Illinois, support the transfer of Gitmo detainees to their community because doing so will…
Administration officials seem to be at odds over the state of the current recession. One says it's over, another laughingly disagrees. Perhaps more stimulus would do the trick? Would just a little more federal money at last begin to create more jobs and bring this recession officially to an end?…

Me, too!

November 29, -0001
There was a period in my life when I swore off the evening news. Those were days of peace and contentment. But not watching the news doesn't make the world go away, and the more I watch the news, read the periodicals, and reflect on the goings-on of our nation…

What Next?

November 29, -0001
At the Climate Summit in Copenhagen the delegate from Bangladesh weighed in on the importance of reaching agreement on global warming and the necessity of an international treaty on climate change. The gentleman allowed as how, since Bangladesh was going to suffer the most from the continuing effects of carbon…

More Like That (1)

November 29, -0001
Not infrequently I come across items that leave me saying, "Man, I wish I could be more like that." In the hope that writing about such items might engrave them on my soul - and perhaps be of encouragement to others - I have decided to launch an occasional series…

Regulate the Gas!

November 29, -0001
Today the Environmental Protection Agency announced plans to begin regulating poisonous gases which are being intruded into the atmosphere. I hope they mean it. And I hope they begin in their own back yard, by regulating the poisonous gases being emitted by congressmen such as Senator Harry Reid. Senator Reid…

Wonder-full Copenhagen

November 29, -0001
Climate-change gurus and heads of state will be gathering in Copenhagen this week - wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen - to work on damage control. The revelations of data-monkeying by members of the IPCC (International Panel for Climate Control) make climate-change treaties a little iffy these days. Or maybe not. The scientific…

Learning from a Master

November 29, -0001
The Economist (November 21st) reports on a meeting of business management experts to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Peter Drucker, who died four years ago. Drucker was the guru of gurus in business management, the queen bee of all modern management theorists, even those who went astray…

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