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Realizing the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of God.

The Making of a Movement

November 29, -0001
Big, dramatic, watershed social changes don't happen all at once. They are the result of movements that build over time, as burdened individuals find voices together against a common enemy and lend their small talents toward big changes. Andrew Curry's brief history of the fall of the Berlin wall -…

Nuclear Terror

November 29, -0001
We're hearing more speculation these days over the security of Pakistan's 60-some-odd nuclear weapons. Recent terrorist attacks on police and military headquarters inside Pakistan demonstrate just how easy it is for terrorists to infiltrate, penetrate, and devastate what were assumed to be safe facilities and secure protocols. Will the nuclear…

No Such Thing

November 29, -0001
I'm hoping that better minds than mine will engage the debate over the FCC's proposed policy of "net neutrality." According to Jeffrey Rosen, writing in The New Republic (Oct. 21, 2009), "The essence of net neutrality seems simple: Internet service providers should be required to treat all data equally and…

A Point for Participation

November 29, -0001
I have on occasion been advised that I'm going about this cyberspace writing thing in all the wrong ways. People who read from the web or email aren't interested in whatever points you may be trying to make; they want to be entertained or made to feel like they're in…

Unhappy at Work

November 29, -0001
The current issue of The Economist (October 10th) reports on a disturbing upward trend in job-related suicides among workers in certain sectors of the worldwide economy. For example, in America work-related suicides increased by 28% in just one year. The Economist argues that suicides are just the most dramatic evidence…

Aim Small

November 29, -0001
In his useful new book, The New Shape of World Chrisitianity, Mark Noll provides a stirring and instructive overview of the state of Christian faith in the world today, and explores the shape of its development over the past 200 years as in many ways mirroring (though not necessarily being…

The President's Prize

November 29, -0001
To his credit, President Obama said that he did not feel he was worthy to be counted among the glorious company of those who have received the Nobel Prize for Peace. He was, of course, correct. He is not. Nominated for the prize two weeks into his presidency, and having…

What We Sing

November 29, -0001
I have a bit of an animus against contemporary worship songs, not all, but most, at least, most I've ever heard. My complaint takes three forms. First, I don't like the melodies, which you can't really sing without all manner of electronic accompaniment and drums. Second, I don't like the…

Power Failure

November 29, -0001
Attorney General Eric Holder announced yesterday that the Justice Department and Education Department will undertake a new effort to eradicate violence among teens in Chicago. Millions of dollars are being appropriated and all the latest hi-tech gadgetry will be installed in an effort to control gang violence among teens. The…

Better. More.

November 29, -0001
I've just come off one of the most inspiring and challenging conversations I've had in years. Talking with our son, Casey, who lives with his wife, Shelby, in Brooklyn, we encouraged one another with the fact of what God has given us and called us to be. Casey is an…

The Doctor is In

November 29, -0001
Was he ever! Or, rather, weren't they ever - 150 doctors, in fact, all gathered in their white coats at the White House to provide a prop for the President to salute his health care reform ideas one more time. The President insisted that these doctors wouldn't have been there…

The Normal Christian Life

November 29, -0001
The current issue of The Economist

As the Next Cycle Begins

November 29, -0001
As many are beginning to speculate that conservatism as a movement may be dead, conservatives are starting to tally up the evidence of what they hope will mean a resurgence of their views. Everyone is watching the gubernatorial elections in Virginia and New Jersey as bell wethers for Congressional elections…

Ethics in the Air

November 29, -0001
The political and economic air is charged with discussions of ethics. ACORN could well implicate a number of politicians in ethical wrongdoing. Harvard is revamping its business school courses in ethics - since a good many Harvard graduates made not such great news during the recent economic hard times. Presidential…

Remember Art?

November 29, -0001
One of the most familiar, and most beloved, aspects of the Celtic Christian period is the artwork produced in the monastic centers of the 7th-9th centuries. Liturgical dishes and chalices, illuminated manuscripts, and stately carved crosses bear witness to an era in which art flourished in the service of the…

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