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Realizing the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of God.
It's good that we know where we stand with our schools.

More Nones

October 4, 2010
A report on NPR yesterday indicated that the number of "nones" is on the rise.
The surest way to reform American education is to take it out of the hands of lawmakers.

More of the Same

September 29, 2010
President Obama unveiled his latest strategy for improving America's schools.

What, not Whether

September 27, 2010
Talk of education reform is in the air again, but it's mostly political.

Boomer Legacy

September 24, 2010
Money and government - the materialist panacea.
President Obama wants to change student achievement by throwing a chunk of change at merit pay plans for teachers.
Aversion to politics is not a good excuse for not equipping the saints...
There are, of course, many things to hate about politicians.

That's What I Want

September 15, 2010
The greatest nation in the world has finally caught up to The Beatles.

The Islam Moment

September 13, 2010
A cursory glance yesterday afternoon at the religion sections...
We underestimate sometimes the power of culture to rob us of reality.

Proof of Sin

September 6, 2010
Anyone who yet doubts the reality of sin need only spend an afternoon along the Shenandoah River at Harpers Ferry.
What bothers me most about President Obama's speech last night...
To listen to some Christians today you'd think the West had arrived at the final state of spiritual and moral development.

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