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Realizing the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of God.

Life, quality of

November 29, -0001
"Quality of life" is on the table again. Or, rather, under the table, it seems. Fox News Sunday reported on a Veterans' Administration workbook intended to help veterans think through their "options" when they find themselves questioning their "quality of life." The booklet includes what might be described as "the…

Above All

November 29, -0001
Of all the commandments, statutes, precepts, and rules which the Lord has given to enable His people to live free from sin and growing in full and and abundant life, only one is prefaced by the words, "above all." Which is it? Surely the first; I mean, what could be…

The media, they...

November 29, -0001
Andy Griffith once famously described football as a game where one side tries to get a funny-looking ball over the other side's goal "without gittin' knocked down, or steppin' in sumpin'" President Obama has stepped in it royally, and he's doing his best to keep from getting knocked down over…

Sauntering or Soldiering

November 29, -0001
Yesterday morning was lovely. Warm but overcast, a light breeze wafting and the promise of some rain. I went out to have a cup of coffee on the front porch and watched as workers continued building a new access road to the local elementary school. A flat bed truck appeared…

What Will Throttle it All

November 29, -0001
I listened carefully to the President's press conference last night. I believe Mr. Obama is sincere, mostly. He can't resist the allure of power - or a friendly press corps - and so he's going to try to wield as much of it as he can. But I think he'd…

Yeah, that should do it

November 29, -0001
For most of the spring and early summer, the Obama Administration fretted over the situation with North Korea, a "rogue nation" with a megalomaniacal dictator, and, oh yeah, nuclear weapons (almost). Pyongyang fired off rockets, tested a nuclear device (maybe), threatened South Korea, sentenced two American journalists to prison terms,…

One of Us

November 29, -0001
I had a "Usual Suspects" moment last night, watching the evening news. I've thought a good deal about how Barack Obama managed to become President of the United States. Race was a factor, but not the deciding one, as were his good looks and charm, easy eloquence, and sudden folksiness.…


November 29, -0001
The scientific community would like to buy the world a Coke. Well, not exactly; they'd just like to bring us all together as one large and getting-along family of mankind. The way to do this, according to Matthew Stremlau, is through unbridled, unlimited gene research. Writing from the State Department…

Status Art

November 29, -0001
Art today has ceased to be about beauty. Some time ago I ran a little experiment. I read all the articles in, oh, a half dozen magazines on the arts, looking only for appearances of the word, "beauty." In something like 30 articles the word appeared only once, and in…

Did you hear the one?

November 29, -0001
Last night, just as The O'Reilly Factor was winding down, Fox News broke in suddenly with one of its "Fox Alert" banners to announce breaking news. North Korea is threatening nuclear war if anyone tries to prevent them from doing whatever they want; and an American destroyer was shadowing a…


November 29, -0001
I'm sad to report that I'm not making any headway with publishers on my proposed title to mark, in 2017, the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. The working title I've chosen is What's Not to Celebrate, and the book is intended to keep starry-eyed Protestant feet on the ground…

Amazonia, too

November 29, -0001
The material economy outlined for ancient Israel in the Law of God would be highly impractical in the modern world. It did promote two compelling ideas, however, which, in principle, are in danger of being lost by our materialistic age. The first is the idea of debt control. In ancient…

Life and Doctrine

November 29, -0001
Christianity in America is in the midst of one of those weird cycles where the "good guys" are downplaying the teaching of sound doctrine and all its terms so offensive to sensitive unbelieving ears for the sake of emphasizing Christianity as an experience and a way of life. We're being…

Perfect Pick

November 29, -0001
Judge Sonia Sotomayor would seem to be the perfect pick to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice David Souter. That, at least, is the opinion of Jeffrey Rosen. Writing in The New Republic (July1, 2009), Mr. Rosen touts Judge Sotomayor as a nominee who is growing in her understanding of the…

Which is the Chief?

November 29, -0001
This reminder from early twentieth-century American naturalist writer Henry Beston: "Poetry is as necessary to comprehension as science." He's preaching to the choir 'round these parts, but I thought I'd run a little test and see if I could

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