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Realizing the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of God.


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When Nebuchadnezzar moves the temple treasures into the temple of his God, he makes it all about who is God, instead of about his personal wealth. Good. The battle is now joined. Next, he tries to erase the captives’ culture by changing their names. But their personalities are unchanged. There will be conflict.

We see with more than just our eyes; we see with our minds. Christians have a different mindset. This allows them to see things non-Christians don’t see — God’s hand in things, His purposes, His kingdom. Through the examples of Paul and Silas, Ananias, Simon the sorcerer, and Martha, we explain the difference between regular eyesight and seeing with Christian eyes.

Why is the world so troubled? Why are people so angry and distressed? Why is there so much sorrow, sadness, violence, want, confusion, and despair? Jesus explains it all, because Jesus is the Explanation for life as it should be – life filled with peace, joy, goodness, kindness, and love.
Read the Gospel of John and discover for yourself how Jesus can be your Explanation as well.

The Christian’s highest calling and privilege is to know Jesus Christ. To know Jesus is to know God the Father, and thus to know eternal life in Him.

Jeremiah was the last prophet of God before the fall of Jerusalem to Babylon. His message is urgent, uncompromising, and pointed. It threatens judgment from God, and it promises a new day of covenant renewal and blessings.

What do shepherds do? What can we learn from faithful shepherds in the past? This free morning-and-evening reader can help you improve your skills as a shepherd of the Lord's flock.

The view from here is awesome - Jesus, filling the world with Himself, through the likes of you and me.

Our unseen, heavenly vision plays out in daily obedience and love.

Paul prayed that we might know the resurrection power of Jesus. Here's how we can.

We have an inheritance, and it is unbelievably glorious!

Romans is Paul’s most thorough treatise on systematic theology. Paul’s opens it with his usual salutation, referring to himself as a bondservant (doulos) of Christ. Then he launches into a blistering criticism of hedonistic behavior, which he ascribes to idolatry. Paul doesn’t spare believers either, saying that we who condemn others are guilty of the same things.

We are called to the Kingdom of God, and to His glory.

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