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Realizing the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of God.


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The greatest story ever told begins in doubt, takes root in unlikelihood, and blossoms into praise and thanksgiving with the birth of an unexpected child.

Hannah is living the unbearable pain of a barren woman in Old Testament times. In her anguish she vows to give a son to the LORD if He will grant her one. Deal. Hannah delivers the young boy to Eli and then sings God’s praises.

The book of Judges is about failure, and the failures get off to a great start. The tribes of Israel repeatedly fail to finish the job of driving out all the Canaanites. Some failures are worse than others, but there are very few successes. This book will be one long downhill slide.

Download this free PDF to read excerpts from the earliest writers of The Celtic Revival, Patrick and Sechnall, and to discover the depth of their orthodox teaching.

Besides being the longest chapter in the Bible, Psalm 119 is distinct in other ways. Except for the first three verses, Psalm 119 is entirely a prayer. In it the anonymous psalmist pours out his heart in longing to know God’s Word and to gain the benefits it affords. Psalm 119 is an abecedarian psalm, as we will explain, and this makes it a long and beautiful poem as well.

Paul is upset that the Galatians have been led astray by a group of Judaizers into thinking they need to be circumcised to be Christians. He starts his apologetic case against them by establishing his authority and by pointing out the confirmation he received from Peter, James, and Paul. More logic to come.

The foundation of the faith is that it’s true—John saw and touched Jesus. The foundation of the gospel is that Jesus is light and the propitiation for our sins. The foundation of the practice of Christianity is fellowship (koinonia).

The soul is the starting point for improving our walk with and work for the Lord. All that we are begins from within us, where our heart, mind, and conscience work together to make us the people we are. If we ignore our soul, or fail to understand its operations, we will be subject to whatever winds of doctrine might fill the sails of our soul at any time.

We want to have strong souls, like the souls of those first believers in the book of Acts. This series will help us to realize more of the presence, promise, and power of God’s Kingdom as they did, so that we may turn our world right-side up for Jesus.

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