Crosfigell - Fellowship of Ailbe
The Church Fathers thought this subject was important. We should, too.
Celtic Christians were orthodox according to the true catholic faith.
To Celtic Christians, doctrine mattered. It should matter to us, too.
Celtic Christians kept their faith in line with the historic teachings of the Church.
We know God; but then again, we can't.
Christian worldview begins with a big view of our big God.

All There Is

February 14, 2019
Today we begin a new series on Celtic Christian worldview.
Our series on Columbanus comes to its end.
Columbanus shows the importance of seeking the Kingdom of God.

Man of Christ

February 5, 2019
Columbanus was a man of Christ.
Columbanus learned God from many fields.

Man of God

January 29, 2019
Jonas' assessment of Columbanus should encourage us all.
Columbanus lived his calling to the end.
Seeking the Kingdom takes force and violence.
Turn to the One Who can feed us.