Crosfigell - Fellowship of Ailbe

Nowhere Man

November 6, 2018
Like Columbanus and the Irish, we may be despised, but we are undeterred.
We begin a new series, focusing on an amazing Irish saint.
Jesus has life to give, if we will but feed on Him.
Where meditation is absent, vital spiritual life is ebbing.

To Glorify God

October 23, 2018
What is Christian faith for?
Are we missing something very important?
This vision will never fail to bring you joy.
Time is a precious gift; we must make good use of it.
The Celtic Revival ran out of Spirit power. Have we?
We need to take sin more seriously.


September 27, 2018
So, where are they?
We don't love God if we don't love Him His way.
God is King in your part of His field, too.

Aglow with Song

September 18, 2018
Singing is an important spiritual discipline.