Crosfigell - Fellowship of Ailbe

Weapons of Truth

September 3, 2019
Are you armed and ready for today's struggle?
We really should sing more.
When you're hungry, you will feed.
We need a complete witness, like Patrick's.
He is the strength and subsistence of everything.
You live in two worlds at once, but which one predominates?

Soul Aflame

August 13, 2019
Let God's love ignite your soul for ministry.
He is with us always, and we can know it.
Wish well, and you'll have what you wish.
Get your flighty thoughts under control!

Sink In

July 30, 2019
With us, with Him - Immanuel.
Are we just too happy to seek the Lord for tears?
We should always seek to edify others with our speech.
How is the Gospel working in your life?


July 16, 2019
God has deposited His Gospel in our souls. We must spend it well.