Realizing the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of God.
The one, perfect; the other, improving - hopefully.
It's the Christian life in short.
That won't get you into the promises of God.
It's what we hope for.

Pressing On?

January 11, 2022
There's a prize to be gained.
It must not happen.
It's where we need to live.
It works every time.
And we will be there.
It's the only way to really live.
We're made in God's image. Let's live up to it.

See Jesus

December 16, 2021
It will make all the difference.

Shepherd King

December 14, 2021
He rules it all, and He cares for us.

Worship the Son

December 9, 2021
And nothing under the sun.

Like the Angels

December 7, 2021
Yeah, angels. Remember them?

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