Patrick wielded the Word of God against wickedness. So should we.
Is our Gospel that of Patrick?
Patrick understood what matters in ministry.

Called to Fish

January 25, 2018
We are fishers of men - right?
Patrick reminds us what we owe God and our neighbors.
Whom do we love?

God All Around

January 16, 2018
Patrick was immersed in God. Are we?
Where are the living sacrifices of God today?
Are you preparing for your calling?
God called Patrick, and he went. God is calling us.
Is it possible that your God is too small? Patrick's wasn't.
If we begin to take prayer seriously, God might begin a new work of His Spirit.
What shall we render to the Lord for His grace to us?

Who Am I?

December 21, 2017
Can a great revival begin with just one person? Yes, it can.

Joy and Judgment

December 19, 2017
There's no Good News without the bad.

Today's ReVision

A Heritage of Creativity

We must not neglect our heritage.

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