Our Christian worldview begins and ends in God.
True blessedness awaits all who believe.
Here is the ultimate blessedness we seek.
The focus of Christian worldview is on the life to come.

Kingdom Now

April 25, 2019
The Kingdom of heaven is ours right now.
Christians imitate their Father by doing good.


April 18, 2019
God made people upright and good. However...
The writer explains the right use of Scripture.
We can't know everything. But God does. 
Satan is a tool in God's tool kit, and He uses him well.
Angels play a role in God's government of the world.
Heaven is not the Christian's hope, but you can see it there.
How far does the salvation of Christ reach? Look around.
How much does God love us? Look at the gifts He gives.
It's hard work, but we all have to do it.

Today's ReVision

Not a License to Sin

Grace is not the last word. The Word is the last word.

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