Heaven is not the Christian's hope, but you can see it there.
How far does the salvation of Christ reach? Look around.
How much does God love us? Look at the gifts He gives.
It's hard work, but we all have to do it.
Water pervades the cosmos, and our Irish writer knew it.
One day we'll be like them. May as well get started now.
We must not neglect the care and nurture of our souls.
The Church Fathers thought this subject was important. We should, too.
Celtic Christians were orthodox according to the true catholic faith.
To Celtic Christians, doctrine mattered. It should matter to us, too.
Celtic Christians kept their faith in line with the historic teachings of the Church.
We know God; but then again, we can't.
Christian worldview begins with a big view of our big God.

All There Is

February 14, 2019
Today we begin a new series on Celtic Christian worldview.
Our series on Columbanus comes to its end.

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The Power of the Word

Unseen, unheard, yet everywhere powerful.

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