Sink In

July 30, 2019
With us, with Him - Immanuel.
Are we just too happy to seek the Lord for tears?
We should always seek to edify others with our speech.
How is the Gospel working in your life?


July 16, 2019
God has deposited His Gospel in our souls. We must spend it well.
There is only one kind of time, and God rules it all.
Do you know Him, all around you, all the time?
We all need some help in this category.
Greater and more marvelous than all. And He cares for us.
Here's a poem to help you set your mind on Christ and His Kingdom.
Here's a great way to keep your eye on Jesus.
What treasures determine how you use your time?
We need to be ready to deal with temptation.
Time is God's most precious temporal gift.
Jesus is all joy, and we are His joy-bringers.