March 31, 2017
Forgiveness is not without conditions.
This is real communion, really.
If you have no taste for heaven now, you may have no place in it then.
If we seek Him, we will find Him.
Christ's blood restores the structure and entirety of the cosmos.
Struggle with prayer? God can help.
God has revealed Himself in two books.
In the Kingdom, everything counts.
We can't trust our old selves.
Here's a discipline appropriate for every situation.

Know Yourself?

February 27, 2017
Think you know yourself? Think again.
Great in the Kingdom is not what we might think.


February 17, 2017
Love Jesus more, and you'll desert Him less.
We may expect from God just what He promises.
Where are the prophets? Look in the mirror.

Today's ReVision

A Heritage of Creativity

We must not neglect our heritage.

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