And You Are...?

September 12, 2017
Columbanus knew who he was. Do we?
What should your daily life in Christ be like?
Set your mind here, and watch your faith grow.
This is the process of sanctification.
We are all shepherds in the Kingdom of God.
If you're not working at this daily, you're falling behind.
We can learn to speak graciously.
We have the mind of Christ. That should startle our unbelieving friends.
Drink up of the Lord's salvation, and live it to the fullest.
We can grow beyond our weaknesses.
There is power in the wisdom of God.
Who's to blame for self-centered rulers?
Man of God, you have the remedy we need!
You can know God's power at work in your life.
There is only one kind of time, and God is still active in it.

Today's ReVision

Judge Prayerfully

Prayer is indispensable to judging with righteous judgment.

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