All spiritual growth depends on this.
The size of your vision determines the extent of your abilities.

Mad at You

January 12, 2017
You're right where the Lord wants you - and where the devil doesn't.
They all work together for your sanctification.
We need to take seriously the call to a disciplined life.
When tears of contrition fall, so will the Spirit of renewal.
We must enter the suffering of our brethren.

Firm to the End

December 30, 2016
What's involved in living the Christian life?

Soft Clothing?

December 28, 2016
What were we thinking when we chose to follow Jesus?
We are non-evangelistic evangelicals.
To feed on God's Word, you have to delight in it.

Really at War

December 19, 2016
We are at war, really, constantly.
Here are the marks of a true believer.
You're there, you just need to be still and know it.
What will you knit into your legacy today?

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Worship and Order

Worship is our most important cultural activity.

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