We must not forget those who have gone before us in the faith.
Can God use us like He did Patrick? Why not?

True Sun

March 1, 2018
We are the rays of Jesus' glorious light. Shine on.
Fix your hope on Jesus, and then live toward Him.
Patrick's witness was one of words and works.
What you expect of Jesus is not as important as what He expects of you.
Two cups are presented to us as followers of Christ.
Patrick maintained a complete witness for Christ.

Agents of Grace

February 8, 2018
We are all agents of grace. 
Patrick wielded the Word of God against wickedness. So should we.
Is our Gospel that of Patrick?
Patrick understood what matters in ministry.

Called to Fish

January 25, 2018
We are fishers of men - right?
Patrick reminds us what we owe God and our neighbors.
Whom do we love?

Today's ReVision

Worldview Framework

We have a good bit of learning to do. Let's get started.

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