Great in the Kingdom is not what we might think.


February 17, 2017
Love Jesus more, and you'll desert Him less.
We may expect from God just what He promises.
Where are the prophets? Look in the mirror.

False Grace

February 11, 2017
Cheap grace is no grace - and no Gospel - at all.

To Die is Gain?

February 8, 2017
How big is your vision of heaven?

Joy in Silence

February 6, 2017
You are saved for joy. Here's where to find it.
The heart is the heart of faith. Guard it carefully.
We are bent to sin, but we don't have to sin.
Do you long to know His sufferings?
Sharing your faith is good for you. Really.
You're not who you think you are. Thank God.

Open Our Eyes!

January 23, 2017
The problem with unseen things is learning to see them.


January 18, 2017
God is shaping you through the burdens of others.
All spiritual growth depends on this.

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Harmony and Scripture

We resonate with harmony in cultural forms.

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