To love Jesus is the highest thing, and here's why.
It comes down to where you're rooted.
He's with you always; here's how you can get with Him.
Let's not neglect this neglected period of Christian history.
It's good to remember that we live in many worlds at once.
No salvation, no growth in the Lord without this.
We all need soul friends.
It's the process of sanctification, and we're all in it.
We can't know new life in Christ as long as we're dragging around our old self.


May 3, 2017
For revival, one condition remains to be met.
Christian living is just that - living as a Christian.
...Who makes His angels spirits, His ministers a flame of fire.   - Psalm 104.4 Hearken, all you lovers of God, to the holy merits of a man blessed in Christ, the bishop Patrick: how through his good deeds he is like the angels, and on account of his perfect…
Are we as disciplined as we should be?
Here's the best place to begin learning doctrine.
We need them all, and they're all there for us in Jesus.

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